The future is now unquestionably brighter though not assured unless we continue working diligently through growth, education, commitment and personal contribution. Today, and even more tomorrow, public presentations and educational programming are essential to furthering the goals and efforts of Kansas City Theater Pipe Organ, Inc.

Now programs developing growth within the organization are always underway not to mention educating the public of the organs availability and uniqueness but bringing the history of the instrument to today's youth through school programs featuring the organ and the Music Hall itself. Commitment by all those within the Club is often intense, everyone is involved and usually willing to contribute to the success of anything the organization undertakes.

When attending a public presentation, all the jobs normally associated with putting on a show with thousands of paying guests requires many tasks which are always staffed by a 100% volunteer staff! The Club is, however, always seeking new members for to stay alive we must remain able to accept change through new thought and expression. To date we remain healthy with solid, measurable growth and diversification and are constantly looking for different ways to achieve accountablility and recognition always retaining the organ itself for our focus


To ensure success of a restoration program the Club will seek financial underwriting of costs associated with renewal of the organ itself. Although the organ is today in relatively good working condition, it is the nature of various organ components to wear-out which require rather elaborate, time consuming and highly labor intensive work along with expensive parts, etc.

The Club will endeavor whenever possible to perform the renewal labor to further stretch our ability to get the job done at the most workable financial level but outside assistance will, once again, be sought from the community and others who possess the ability and willingness to support such efforts. The Club has been successful in the past with such campaigns and it is hoped once again that the recommended program outlined will be guaranteed through both various financial generosity and individual willingness to perform labor related tasks as may be required during the restoration process.


Educational programs using the Music Hall and organ require measurably less expense but sources must be found before even this important feature can be undertaken. Here, again the Club members will perform most labor-related functions whenever the Hall is utilized. Imagine having the auditorium filled to capacity with 2500 seventh graders gathered to see a real silent film short for the first time in their lives accompanied the way it was meant!

Might it even be possible to include some old-fashioned vaudeville in the show as well. This must be one of the greatest rewards to what we in Kansas City Theater Pipe Organ are trying to accomplish. Our qualified "niche" is somewhat hard to find but has been there in the past and should be there tomorrow as well! It is through our children that impressions are made and even remembrances too, that is how the whole rebirth of theatre organ has been fostered and remains today.


Public shows must continue for our future to remain and more importantly, prosper. Every time the Music Hall is used and people hear the organ, they want to know more about what it is, where the instrument came from and when can they come hear again.

Recently, while the Shriners were holding their annual Circus event for the city's children in Municipal Auditorium several of the families heard the organ being rehearsed while entering the auditorium. These folks wandered up to the Music Hall orchestra entrance and walked in and right up to the console. They were enthralled with the look, sound and everything about the organ.

It captivated the children and interested the parents, not to mention the numerous Shriners who came in to meet and talk with Club members about where all the great sounds were coming from! Nothing, but nothing is more gratifying than having some total stranger say how much they enjoy the organ. Who knows, they might be the next enthusiast and one who invites more to enter the organization.

Public shows must be continued and are costly so underwriting for these events is obligatory as well. The Club will present a workable number of annual shows, which are geared to the amount of available funding and average supporting attendance attained. After all, the musical theater we present is part of the Kansas City entertainment scene, regardless of what the size audience we might have at our programs.

Since the Music Hall is so large, it is hard to fill the hall each performance but those who do attend enjoy the wonderful sounds coming from the instrument. The organ is powerful and tonally varied enough to overcome the peculiar acoustics characteristic of the Music Hall.

In 1998 the Boston Symphony and again in 1999 the St. Petersburg (Russia) Symphony used the instrument with many complements from the conductors and orchestra members. This demonstrated the versatility and range of the organs' capabilities, whether for its' designed purpose, musical theater, or accompanying 110 piece symphony orchestras performing Richard Strauss!


Kansas City Theater Pipe Organ, Inc. has pledged itself to an on-going education ideal which will educate the public and particularly children about "theater organ" and in particular the Music Hall Robert Morton. It is generally felt that the holding of public programs is sufficient opportunity for the adult public to learn more about the organ and the whole era it encapsulates. Of even more importance are the adults of tomorrow, our children.